Copy of the BBC written news report here (with a personal message from me to any abused child.)

I think most people faced with a situation of seeing a child harmed would jump to their aid but then there are the few who get pleasure hurting kids and others some who get paid a lot of money who just can't be bothered and do their best to pass anything that actually requires any work off to somebody else.

Now it must have been such hard work for Linda, my wife having to look after a troubled child and to watch me her husband suffer a nervous breakdown after I was falsely accused of abusing the lad by this work to rule school SENCO who would not even make a phone call for the child and fed her ideas to a stupid social worker. My heart bleeds for her! Not to worry there was always Roger, her boss someone 23 years older and wiser (father figure) telling her what to do. Gretna Green 2 weeks after the divorce. Walk out on your kids with a text message, cry rape in the divorce. things people will do for love hey. Getting remarried without even telling your kids. No wonder she is in hiding. You have to laugh really as she lost everything not realising I had covertly recorded her confession where she told me everything and made it clear I had done nothing wrong! Then she went to see a solicitor and found out what it would cost her so out came a few stories. When she threatened to cry rape in an attempt to get ahead I simply got out the recording below and told as many people as possible! I dont think her dad was that impressed, "I don't expect you did..."

Linda's confession:

What happened when our 12 year old son got to confront mum and her new man a year later (his idea, I knew nothing about it until he handed me a memory stick.)

Berrow Wood School (aka borstal)
Enough to leave a wound deep enough to drive any parent to a nervous breakdown if later falsely accused of child abuse brought about as a result of his wifes affair. I knew the shit was going to hit the fan when after my 6th request for anybody in authority to make a simple phonecall for my son was refused and met with a false child abuse allegation directed at me. These things happen only my own childhood taught me to covertly record just about everything when I get bad vibes and 'Thats Life' or maybe my dry sense of humour taught me to put it all together and publish it on the internet. It was a giggle covertly recording the social workers trying to deny everything and the next head of George Abbot School in Guildford having to apologise trying to pick up the pieces and make the best out of a bad deal. I think she did really well given the position she found herself in and she had nothing to do with it. You know one person blames the other (indirectly) or the workload of these poor SENCOS, I mean just look at what they get paid! Every now and again I write to every member of staff in George Abbot School with a link to my website ( I never get a reply but it makes me feel good. Its like an education, listen to the parent or one day it might even cost you your job because to most parents there is nobody more important than their child or children and you might find some really pissed off parent fighting tooth and nail for their child naming you and your school and doing what I have done below! Of course as a parent if I raise my voice or get verbally with them I'm in the wrong and being unreasonable.

As for my 12 year old son and the way he confronted mum and the guy she ran off with. (2nd recording above) I think its priceless. Autistic they called him. Different maybe but not autistic.

I totally lost the plot when the social worker told me CAMHS were without even meeting the child or family of the opinion he should be in care. (I had twigged my wifes affair by this time too and had lost trust in just about everybody except my sons prior school head who dropped everything to help out when I ended up in tears in her school.) After my own biological father bolted when I was a 7 year child I went a little off the rails and the social workers convinced my mother 'Berrow Wood (boarding) School' would be a better place for me. They knew all the time this place was sexually abusing kids but just brushed it all under the carpet! I so did not want my own children to come from a broken home or be anywhere near a social worker or the care system. Then came the pass the buck not my job if I can make it somebody elses do nothing staff at George Abbot School in Guildford who with their false alegations fed us to the social workers and drove me to a nervous breakdown.

At least a year head gave me a hug and told me it was a good job I spoke up when I did. Then I took the recording to the prior school head asking for help and took my son to see a shrink. "They have got the wrong idea and run with it." And the scout leader who had been waiting 2 months for a phonecall, "Tell them I want contact with anybody concerned with your son before somebody makes a big mistake." Unfortunately it was too late as my wife was well into an affair by this point. Our 8 year old had earlier told me looking for help like I had not worked it out. I ended up in hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown.

The BBC news report below might explain why I had such issues when falsely accused of abusing my own son by a schoolteacher and social worker who despite 6 clear and polite requests over 2 months would not even make a phonecall for the lad, not to mention talk of taking him into care. I was so not going to shut up until I got an apology from somebody. I wrote to the world and his wife, even got it in the SUN newspaper until the school and social workers twigged what I was doing. (they are all as bent as each other. They can put a topless woman on page 3 and advertise who knows what in the personal column but criticise a supposedly good state school? our readers would not want to read that, your just a commoner and now barred from placing adverts!) The social workers and CAMHS could not run away and hide quickly enough. Never saw them again. After I confronted my wife about the affair she bolted with a text message not to be seen for months. Luckly her sister came to the rescuse with our children while I was in hospital and she went on holiday with Roger. She is seemingly in hiding now having lost everything, I hope Roger and his one bedroom council bungalow was worth it. I must have done something right as I paid off the mortgage (thanks in part to money left to me by Linda's stepmother) and got to retire at 50!

The apology, Like they will use my book to educate a social worker!
Sending this guy pretty high up in Surrey Social Care a copy of my book and asking him for an opinion made me feel great. How else could he answer without making Surrey County Council well liable. I Got compensation in the end. 5,000 it was an insult that kind of sums up the systems in place in this country as none of it is for us worker bees. Only for the elite who try to brainwash thick people to run from a problem and are themselves frightened of hard work! You know its all a con like pyramid selling. The people down the bottom of the chain who get paid the least do all the work while the managers get paid the money and take the credit for the people benith them. The people at the bottom of the chain will often apologise and admit to getting things wrong, They will try and make things right. The managers will just pass the buck with a fake smile to the next person and never admit to getting anything wrong. It felt good to sting a manager when they tried to brainwash me with lies! It felt even better to see my abuser sent to jail. It was a shame he died 18 months later as it would have been better if he had suffered for as long as I have. I like to think I've got past it now but I suffered with fear induced mental problems for years. The fear of anybody finding out what happened to me in my childhood and judging me as having enjoyed it or having been complicit to it or even worse the suggestion I might repeate it. The harder you try to drive the memory away the bigger the fear of anybody finding out grows. Well that was until my boss who really did look after me got me in front of a shrink who led me to the question. 'It can't be a childs fault can it? if they have been led into making mistakes by an adult authority figure.' That was so simple and so obvious but I never saw it coming and it broke my fear and allowed me to report my abuser to the police (who were like 100% good from start to finish.)

The book

Written book here. (5 1/2 MB pdf file)

Its pretty obvious but they can for some be a bit of a trigger

It was a bit of a giggle when I found my ex was working while I was only receiving 5 a week in child support for 2 children. The CSA did not have a clue and assumed I was the one paying my ex. wife child support.

Just listen to the two recordings above and read the letter below. Roger thought I did not have permission for an extention I built. It was odd a few weeks later I received a letter from the inland revenue suggesting I was living with a Sarah 'V' Smith and should not be claming single persons tax credits. I ask you some people are just so thick. He was pissed off as he realised he had missed out on the free house he thought he had won! He and my ex. (who he really is welcome to) will have to remain in their one bedroom council bungalow maybe with the doors shut and curtains drawn because the chances are they will never be able to move and I'm sure all the neighbours know.

I wonder if she had to pay it all back.

'Linda & Roger': 'The odd couple' a fat woman who walked out on her kids with no warning and a text message followed by one lie after another and the sly talking skinny old man (homewrecker) happily living in a one bedroom council bungalow. Both together without a care in the world, They don't even have to struggle climbing the stairs.

What do I care, I survived my childhood unlike some others RIP two of my best friends, David and Graham. My kids survived their mother. I did well out of the divorce and am just having fun now. Its a shame I can't put their (Linda and Rogers) address on here really or their surname as apparently I'm not allowed to directly or indirectly identify them even if I can prove everything I'm writing is the truth. Its not so much about liability but insighting unrest., Guildford, Surrey: 2024